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Fieldstone Veneer Exterior

Fieldstone features random shapes with smooth to slightly rugged faces that fit together like a giant puzzle. The effect is an informal, natural look that's equally at home in traditional and contemporary settings. Considered a grouted stone, the mortar joint accentuates the uneven shapes of the stone.

*Due to screen resolution limitations, product colors may not be exactly as shown.

Suggested Architecture: Suits Old World styles such as French Country and Tuscan; Arts and Crafts styles such as Craftsman; rustic styles such as Country.

12 Exterior Colors Available

Antigo stone veneerAntigo
Autumn stone veneerAutumn
Buckingham stone veneerBuckingham
Chardonnay stone veneerChardonnay
Columbia stone veneerColumbia
Earthtone stone veneerEarthtone
Easton stone veneerEaston
Hampton stone veneerHampton
Lehighton stone veneerLehighton
Shade Mountain stone veneerShade Mountain
Shenandoah stone veneerShenandoah
Sherwood stone veneerSherwood