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Embarq® Fiberglass Entry Door

Embarq Fiberglass Entry Door details

A: To enhance efficiency and accommodate more insulation, we thickened the door from the standard 13⁄4" to 21⁄2" which is 43% thicker than standard exterior doors. We also engineered a dual perimeter seal to create a superior barrier against drafts and energy leaks.

B: We engineered a channel in the side rails and header of the door to allow for a larger energy efficient polyurethane core. Our computer controlled process fills every crevice with the foam barrier material resulting in a level of energy efficiency unparalleled in the industry.

C:We custom designed a sweep to accommodate the Embarq door’s added thickness. This creates a new breed of thermal barrier to keep out unwanted elements and uncomfortable temperatures. One more game-changing innovation from ProVia.

D: Lock area is reinforced to provide a solid mounting surface for Emtek® hardware.